Simple, efficient, accessible. For more than 5 years, Hast has comitted to offer simple, high quality products and honest prices. We want to have an accessible offer and image. This project reflects our vision, (which is) sincere and human.


Chapter I

The project

Behind this idea of being accessible, there is the willingness to gather people and to create a strong community, with common values. In opposite of an opaque and disconnected industry, we promote transparency, trust and respect in our relationships. We decided to go a step further in our idea of simplicity and authenticity : Hast will be represented by its clients. We had a will for change and hence it was obvious for us that those who like and support the brand were the best to personnify it.

Chapter II

The appeal

For this project, we called out all our community. A message was sent by e-mail and through social networks. It was an invitation to participate to the next Hast campaign. The only condition was to be a client of the brand. That was the only condition which seemed necessary to us to represent Hast with genuine conviction and motivation.


Chapter III

The enthousiasm

The enthousiasm you showed through all your answers made us very happy and optimistic. Support or encouragement messages, or simple compliments were sent to us for more than a week. Five clients were picked among participants, five persons who would represent Hast.

Chapter IV

The place

A place in the heart of the Sentier district, labelled as historical monument, just a few steps from our parisisian boutique, aiming to be cosy and straightfoward ? We didn’t need more to choose The Hoxton as a setting for our campaign. It is more than just an hotel, it is a place full of life, where people meet : parisians, travellers, families, students and entrepreneurs. A place wide open and intimous in the same time, where one feels immediatly at home.

Chapter V

The five

24 years old - Student
Client since October, 16th 2017

Read his interview

35 years old - Director
Client since May, 15th 2016

Read his interview

45 years old - Event manager
Client since november, 5th 2016

Read his interview

29 years old - Financial auditor
Client since June, 11th 2017

Read his interview

26 years old - Notary
Client since october, 23rd 2014

Read his interview

Chapter VI

The photographer

Julie is part of the history of Hast. When we met her back in 2013, she immediately captivated us with her energy and blowminding ideas, her optimism and exigency. She was the most obvious photographer for such an important campaign, especially since she has the talent to highlight anyone, even the shyest of our clients ! Emerge natural, distinguished, modern and timeless pictures.

Chapter VII

The making of

Chapter VIII

The collection

Thick green flannel


Blue stripes club collar


Blue Voyage


Grey melange stand up collar


Light blue club collar


Thick grey fannel


English collar


White Voyage