When Hast was founded in 2012, we moved away from traditional ways of thinking about fashion, offering timeless clothing lines that are both premium and accessible. Having started out producing shirts only, the brand has since branched out into every area of men's fashion, without compromising on quality. So what's our formula? We have cut out the distributors and retailers, instead selling directly to customers online and in stores. Direct from workshop to wardrobe. This way, we can control our costs and reduce the often-excessive margins that we see in fashion. The finest expertise is applied in producing our pieces, available to you at a fair price.

For 10 years, we have been committed to producing pieces of high quality, as well as the highest level of transparency (you can find out more about our workshops, suppliers and how we work on our website). We want to produce less but better, and closer to market demand. We also make every effort to minimise the impact of our production activity.

By using compostable packaging and recyclable cardboard, upcycling, making donations to associations and charities, we do our part to make the fashion industry of tomorrow environmentally responsible while showcasing the know-how of its producers. Since 2019, we have been engaged in calculating our carbon footprint. This long-term project will help us establish how much we emit and take effective action between now and 2030.

At Hast, we are passionate about the men's wardrobe.
But not at the expense of our environment!