Honest and Simple Trend

At Hast, we produce shirts with a timeless design, giving you premium clothing at a fair price. All our clothes go straight from workshop to wardrobe, cutting out the middleman.


Honest and simple trend

When Hast was founded in 2012, we moved away from traditional ways of thinking about fashion, offering timeless clothing lines that are both premium and accessible. Having started out producing shirts only, the brand has since branched out into every area of men's fashion, without compromising on quality.

So what's our formula? We have cut out the distributors and retailers, instead selling directly to customers online and in stores. Direct from workshop to wardrobe. This way, we can control our costs and reduce the often-excessive margins that we see in fashion. The finest expertise is applied in producing our pieces, available to you at a fair price.

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Quality requirement

Through the know-how that Hast has developed, we strike a fine balance between top-quality materials and working with the finest studios and workshops. Our clothing is made from 100% natural materials, such as cotton, linen and wool. Fabrics arrive straight from our trusted suppliers in Italy, Portugal, Japan and other locations, all renowned for the quality of their work.

Almost all of our lines are produced in Europe, by partners with whom we have established a strong relationship built on trust. Together, we have managed to expand our lines and do more of what we do best, all while adapting to the demands of climate change.

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Less but better

We are fully transparent about how we do things. Our prices are what they are for a reason, and we always strive for the highest level of transparency when it comes to our production methods and communication. Our commitment deepens as the company expands. 95% of what we make is produced in the European Union. Each year, we increase how much environmentally responsible GOTS material we use in our collections while continuing to minimise our CO2 emissions, by matching volumes supplied with market demand using ever-more responsible production and distribution methods. We have also made ecological and social commitments, such as using compostable packaging (we were the first French company to do this) and recycled cardboard, by upcycling our material waste and offering our unsold products to associations and charities such as Cravate Solidaire. At Hast, we are passionate about clothing, but we also aspire to make our production as fair as possible.

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