Our carbon footprint

Hast is a menswear company. Hast sells clothes that are in their vast majority made in the European Union, and sold in France and everywhere in the world. Less but better, that is the philosophy behind each of our actions. We create timeless clothes which are tireless, made with natural fabrics.

Since 2012, we have had the willingness to reduce the problems of the modern fashion industry which are the permanent sales, the huge destocking operations, the offshoring, the pollution… In 2020, we went further by working with UTOPIES®, a consultancy specialized in the environmental impact, in order to make or carbon footprint.

Why do we do that? We firmly believe that we should not compromise with quality and that the responsible making of clothes is not just a sale argument.

When one of loyal customers, manager at UTOPIES®, offered us to help us in 2019 to analyse deeply our functioning and try to reduce our emissions, we said yes without hesitation. After a year of hard work to gather all the data related to our carbon emissions, we are happy to share with you the results. This work enabled us to better understand where our emissions come from and to set up an action plan in order to improve this and reduce our emissions.

What is the Hast carbon footprint? 

Our commitments and our limits?

You already know our commitments (natural fabrics, upcycling, compostable packaging…). We want to go further and reduce gradually the carbon footprint of our collections while keeping the same quality, affordability and demand in terms of style. The first step is to inform you. Download the report to better understand the methodology behind the calculus of our carbon footprint.