Honest and Simple Trend

Hast creates timeless high-end shirts and clothes at a fair price. Directly from the workshops to your wardrobe, without intermediaries. It is as simple as that. #hastparis

From workshops to your wardrobe, without intermediaries

In 2012, we decided to change the codes of traditional fashion by proposing a collection of affordable, simple and efficient shirts. By removing intermediaries, we succeeded in controlling our costs and our value chain, in order to let you benefit from the best know-how. Today, we offer a more complete collection of essentials made by the best workshops at fair prices, directly, all year long.

Quality requirement

Human after all. We collaborate with some carefully chosen workshops, with a worldwide reputation for their know-how and for the quality of their employee working conditions. Our products express the history of a deeply anchored heritage, of a know-how and of a craftsmanship culture discovered throughout our researches. From European countries to Japan where we source the best fabrics, each piece of our collections are made to please and to last. We favour the creation of tight links with our suppliers, by visiting them regularly in order to guaranty a production in accordance with our expectations as well as yours.

Discover where our products, as well as the suppliers with whom we work regularly, come from.

Baltic countries Shirts

We work with a workshop located in the Baltic countries in order to make a part of our shirts collection. State of the art technology and a meticulous know-how make a perfect alliance to get the best in Europe.

Czech Republic Fabrics

Our oldest supplier, the one with whom we created our very first shirt. Our double twisted poplins, oxford and twill shirts come from here.

RomaniaTrousers, Blazers

In Romania, we work with a workshop specialized in tailoring. Our blazers and our trousers have been made with deep requirement, in order for each piece to be a dream to wear.

Spain Belts

We make our belts in Spain, where we found a workshop which makes some accessories for the biggest brands. We enable you to take advantage of this, without the inflated margins of course.

Italy Fabrics, Shirts, Ties, Gloves, Scarfs, Bowties

We work with some of the most renowned Italian workshops in the world by the lake of Como, in Bergame, Biella or Naples.

Japan Fabrics

Every season, we select some very well crafted Japanese fabrics, developed by demanding workshops, to make you discover a unique know-how.

Tunisia Worker's jackets

In Tunisia, we have found the best workshop to make our worker's jackets, far from the mass market factories. This outhouse from one of the biggest French textile workshops never disappoints us!

Portugal Fabrics, Shirts, Jumpers, Socks, Boxers, Leather goods

Portugal is a textile leading country. We have sourced the best know-how in the Porto area to make our shirts and accessories.

Turkey Fabrics

When we looked for growth, we found an extraordinary know-how in a big Turkish workshop. It is today one of the best textile providers which has its own cotton fields.

Looking for rightness

We are uncompromising on finding the perfect balance between the quality of a product and its price. We are always looking for perpetual rightness, regarding style and quality of clothes’ making, but also regarding the prices we sell them.

Our positioning has enabled us to reduce overrated margins often in effect in fashion, while maintaining a high quality requirement. We revisit iconic pieces from men’s wardrobe, some essentials. We think that our clients have the right to know the origin and the cost of our products, in order to better understand their quality and their price.


Desirable and sustainable

Less but better, that is the philosophy behind each of our actions. We create timeless clothes which are made from natural fabrics and with great care for details.
We want to reduce the excesses of modern fashion: the permanent sales and promotions which blur the real value of products but also the overproduction. We only produce in reasonable quantities in order to control our stocks and answer your needs. We want to create some clothes that are bought by passion but also by reason. To make it short, we want to create a fashion which is in adequacy with its time.

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